Examples of ARCC Activities

ARCC's principal focus is on encouraging research and helping its members expand their ability to do research. From time to time, however, the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (through one or more of its members) undertakes projects. A partial listing of such projects follows:

ARCC Panel
"The Context of Research in Integrated Technology"
ACSA National Conference, 2012

ARCC Panel
"Architecture, Ethics, Research"
ACSA National Conference, 2011

"Leadership in Architectural Research: Between Academia and the Profession"
A. Rashed, University of Texas, San Antonio, 2009

EAAE/ARCC 2008 International Research Conference
"Changes of Paradigms in the Basic Understanding of Architectural Research"
E. Harder, J.B. Harrington, EAAE, ARCC and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 2008

ARCC Spring Research Conference
"Green Challenges"
A. Kwok, ARCC and the University of Oregon, 2007

ARCC/EAAE International Research Conference
"emerging research+design"
J. B. Harrington, P.O. Fjeld, ARCC, EAAE and Temple University, 2006

ARCC Research Conference
D. Perkiss, J.B. Harrington, ARCC and Mississippi State University, 2005

EAAE/ARCC International Research Conference
J. Horan, EAAE, ARCC and the University of Dublin, 2004

ARCC Research Conferences
M. Kihl, J.B. Harrington, ARCC and Arizona State University, 2003

ARCC/EAAE International Research Conference
L. Fontein, D. Covo, H. Neuckermans, ARCC, EAAE and McGill University, 2002

ARCC Research Conference
J. O'Brien, ARCC and the Virginia Technical University, 2001

Contemporary Themes in Architectural Research
R. Schneider, C. Dry, V. Dzidzienyo, ARCC and Howard University, 1994

Developing and Sustaining Architectural Research Centers
K. Spreckelmeyer, J. Robinson, R. Ulrich, Washington, DC, 1994

Knowledge-Based Architectural Education: Reconfiguring The Design Studio
K. Spreckelmeyer, J. Robinson and R. Ulrich. 1993

Building Partnerships for Technology Transfer
M. Kihl, Iowa State University and C. Clipson, University of Michigan, National Science Foundation, 1991-1992

Economic Framework for Total Functional Value for Building
R. Ward, Jr., MIT, National Science Foundation, 1989-1991

ARCC Directory of Building Research
M. Kihl, Iowa State University, ARCC and Iowa State University, 1989

ARCC Research Conferences, C. Dry, ARCC and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1988 and 1989 Excellence in Architectural Practice, D. Cuff, USC, and M. Adelson, UCLA, National Endowment for the Arts, 1986-1988 Energy Inventory Project, D. Prowler, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Energy, 1985-1987 Impact of the Work Environment on Productivity, R. Gutman, Princeton University and R. Ward, Jr., MIT, National Science Foundation, 1985-1986 U.S.-Romanian Seminar on Building Research, S. Aroni, UCLA, National Science Foundation and Romanian National Council for Science and Technology, 1985 Doctoral Education for Architectural Research, G.T. Moore, University of Wisconsin and J. Templer, Georgia Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation, 1984 Designers Software Exchange, H. Bryan, MIT, National Endowment for the Arts, 1983-1988 Building Evaluation Equipment Survey, L. Degelman, Texas A&M; University and J. Haecker, ARCC, National Science Foundation, 1983-1984 Future Directions in Architecture, M. Joroff, MIT and J. Templer, Georgia Institute of Technology, National Endowment for the Arts, 1981-1982 Architectural Research Symposium, J. King and J. Snyder, University of Michigan, National Endowment for the Arts, 1980-1981

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