Why ARCC exists?

The goals of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) are:

  • To facilitate the development of an architectural research culture, including its infrastructure of researchers, facilities, equipment, research centers, and educational programs.
  • To promote that culture and an awareness of its scope.
  • To identify possibilities for, and to aid in establishing, research partnerships among government, industry, professional, and academic communities.
  • To facilitate exchanges of researchers and students, information and ideas, and access to equipment and resources.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer with regard to the impact of design decisions on the quality of the environment and its infrastructure.
  • To aid in technology transfer between industry, professionals, and the schools.

ARCC accomplishes these goals through such mechanisms as:

Providing contact points through the ARCC Board of Directors for individual researchers, university centers, firms, or practitioners seeking information about member research projects, activities, or expertise.
  • Helping develop agendas for research in architecture and the built environment in the US, Canada, and Mexico which encompass social, technical, and environmental domains.
  • Nurturing linkages between research centers in schools, firms, companies, and the public sector Developing and nurturing subject-based networks of researchers.
  • Conducting workshops on administrative practices and issues in research centers and programs.
  • Developing or facilitating strategies to enable research assimilation into curricula and practice.
  • Dissemination of information, needs, and plans from research-supporting agencies and organizations.
  • Exchanging information on research programs, projects, facilities and equipment, doctoral and advanced study programs and other aspects of research infrastructure.

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