Annual Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2010

Recorded by Leonard Bachman, Secretary

PMichael D. Kroelinger, President
Keith Diaz Moore, Vice President
PSteve Weeks, Treasurer
PLeonard Bachman, Secretary (on Skype)
Michel Mounayar, Past President, NAED Representative
At-Large Board Members:
Lucie Fontein, Conferences
PAron Temkin, Website with Brooke
PMichelle Rinehart, Assist with eNewsletter with Philip
PPhilip Plowright, eNewsletter
Ex Officio Board Members:
Brian Sinclair, King Medal
Brooke Harrington, Website, DC Conference, Haecker Award;
PVictor Dzidzienyo, DC Conference Chair
PKate Winger-Playdon, EJournal
PRichard Hayes, AIA Liaison
PValerian Miranda, DC Conference, CIB Liaison
PBarbara Klinkhammer, Assist the Treasurer

1. Call to Order — (Mike) 8:?? EST

2. Approval of Minutes
5 minutes – (LB) Moved to accept, Seconds passed unanimously

3. President's Report — (MK)

4. Treasurers Report — (SW)
  • Details of the budget plan were presented per SW documents
  • Second handout sheet is a budget proposal. A summary is at the top. This breaks down what we project for the coming year.
    • Operations for current year given along with a budget figure
    • Rise in operation cost this year
    • $8000 for web site, versus $6000 not spent last year
    • $2500 for NAED
    • Awards reimbursements for travel and expenses
    • King Medal- need to purchase more
    • $13,500 for conference and publication. Final accounting on 2010 International conference is forthcoming
  • Annual IRS report to IRS
  • Motion to accept budget tabled until later in the meeting

5. Old Business
2011 CONFERENCE- PP had 140 abstracts and accepted two-thirds. Expecting 80 participants. Expect 30-35 thousand dollar budget. Break even is planned just on registration. CE credits will provide some extra income and perhaps something from student participants at a low cost. $3000 pledged by AIA National and shortfall by university. Proceedings to cost about $2500. Proceedings to be printed with conference package so that attendees will have them during sessions. Consideration might be discussed in new business as to an electronic version of proceedings so journal indexes can pick up our papers. Keynote speakers were difficult to expense and wanted around $10,000. Some wanted business class air fare too. Ended up negotiating something more like $2500 honorariums. Three names were mentioned. Details are on the web site, which is updated every week. PayPal is used for registration. We still have something like a 25% international attendance expected.

6. Installation of officers for 2010-11
  • MK- we have a ballot with two positions where there are multiple candidates.
  • Treasurer- non-financial aspects of treasurer might be passed to secretary. BK has operated as assistant to treasurer but will be on sabbatical until spring. BK says she and SW agree there could be a transition period spanning her sabbatical. SW remarks there is not much financial business in the summer. LB suggests BK were elected and we decide how to cover later. SW moves that BK is elected as Treasurer-Elect, VD seconds, passed unanimously. Conversation followed on BK’s non-US citizenship, which no one thought was a problem legally or per the ARCC by-laws.
  • Director at Large- VM is listed as a candidate for both Director at Large and Ex-Officio.
  • There are three candidates for Director at Large. Hazem Rashid Ali, Chris ? at UNC Charlotte, and Arjet ?
  • Discussion followed on links between each position and clear tasks. This includes our by-law flexibility on appointing the number of officer we wish.
  • There is little difference between Director at Large and Ex-Officio.
  • Motion to table election of remaining slate until after strategic planning session by MR, second by PP, passed unanimously.
  • VM removed his name from slate of Director at Large

7. New Business

8. Strategic planning session
  • MK showed slides laying out positions and responsibilities. Discussion concerned possible role of 2nd Vice President or President Elect to have large oversight role. The balance of keeping everyone involved and also having them feel attached to a specific set of activities was covered. MR made a set of recommendations on positions and duties. PP points out there are two major streams of responsibility: communications/membership/newsletter and awards/conferences. Some sentiment was agreed for distinct roles for all ARCC officers that do not overlap. MR favors “dissemination” to “communication.” A vice-presidential role related to Strategic Planning was suggested
  • MK moved on to a third variation with two vice presidents. MR worked on screen to set up a list of duties rather than titles. There followed an attempt to match up duties with a framework of positions. MR will document the outcome. Some distinction between visioning future events and managing current activities followed.
  • CIB
  • Website (AT)
  • Membership- database for membership point of contact would fall to secretary to oversee
  • Dissemination, awards, and conferences were identified as the three prime components with conferences flowing to the point people and those with institutional memory.
  • Budget will be approved on next conference call
  • Slate of officers will be revised as needed to reflect final structure of duties and responsibilities and by-laws amended to suit.
  • MR moves to table restructuring and proceed under current structure, LB seconds, passed unanimously. This will be taken up again at a board conference call.
  • LB moves to accept the unopposed section of the slate by acclimation, second PP, passed unanimously
  • PP moved to accept that slate, KW seconds, passed unanimously
  • Director at Large ballot was conducted by paper ballot and counted by VD. LB texted his vote in by Skype IM to PP. HR and CV were elected.
  • Voted to adjourn until 2pm.

9. Program review of current activities

10. Organizational structure options

11. Definition of new or revised program opportunities for the future

12. Definition of ARCC priorities for 2010-11 and beyond

13. Adjourn

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